Impressive Android App

Posted: September 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

Anyone who has ever spent much time around me knows how much I am into how the various wireless networks work. I’m always trying to locate what tower I am currently registered on and when the handoff to the neighboring tower occurs. I have played around with several programs from the Android Market but never found one that actually worked as advertised. That is until yesterday. While I was doing a search I came across Net Monitor. It had 4.5 stars and over all good reviews.
First thing you see when you launch the application are 3 tabs along the bottom of the screen. Home, log and map. The home tab tells you what network you are currently registered on and the system id as well as the tower id number. You also get the signal strength in –dbm which is constantly updating. ( The lower the number the better signal. -70 great signal, -100 not so great.) Where this app really shines is the map mode. It will show on the map the tower you are picking up and the tower id number. As you travel it will show you when the tower hands you off by changing to red and the new tower changing to green. The other great thing that I really like is that it keeps all the towers you have ever registered on located on the map. Changing from green to red and so forth as you travel. This gives you a great way to actually map out a wireless network.
My rating for this app is 5 stars. Look for it in the Android Market under Net Monitor.


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