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Blackberry Bold 9650 Review

I decided a few weeks back that I would give Android a rest and try the old bberry again. I used Blackberry Exclusively when I worked with Alltel but havent used one since. I decided to try the latest and greatest being the Bold 9650 with Verizon Wireless. Following the new trend with Blackberry the trackball has been replaced with the optical trackpad which I like to compare to the trackpad on a laptop. First impressions is that it is a very good looking phone running 5.0 software but once the new 6.0 comes out it will be upgradeable. Currently the only Blackberry running 6.0 is the Torch on AT&T.

Setting up your email and contacts on the bold could not be easier using the included desktop manager software. You can choose which calendar and contacts you would like to sync and it is a 2 way sync. Any changes made on your desktop or handheld itself will be merged once you plug the Bold up to our computer.

Battery life was great even using Pandora a few hours during the day. Call quality was what you’d expect.  Great voice and sound quality.

The only drawback, and it was the one thing that drove me back to my Droid was the incredibly slow web browser. I hope this is something that Blackberry will address soon. I could be logged into my bank account on my Droid and the banks website was still pulling on up on the blackberry. Both with full 3G signals.

Over all the Bold is a good choice for those who have to have their emails delivered seamlessly when out of the office. And if you have coworkers with Blackberry’s the Messenger is great. I would have to give it 3.5 stars out of 5.


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